Tea Brands Which Rule The World Today

30. May 2016 Food 0
Tea Brands Which Rule The World Today

Tea is the most drunk liquid in the world. There are a lot of people who can’t even pass a minute without drinking a cup of tea. So for all the tea addicts here are some popular tea brands which you must definitely try once.


Twinings are the no 1 refreshment manufacturing brands in the world. This brand belongs to the English market and fulfilling their demands pretty well. This brand is owned by the British food association. The logo of this brand is very old and using it for a lot of years. It is working in this field since 1706 which is very impressive. It is one of the oldest producers of tea in the world. They offer a wide range of varieties of products which are available all over the world.

Celestial Seasonings

This is a very famous brand in the world which is operating from America. The most renowned product of this brand is the Herbal tea which is very famous and loved by the people. It caters various other flavors like Green, white and black. Most of you will not believe but the annual sales of this brand is almost $100,000,000.


Tazo is a pretty much famous brand in the world. They offer simple and herbal refreshment products. This brand started its work in the field of refreshment in Portland. But now it is purchased by Starbucks and has a very strong position in the refreshment market. Its small packets are available in the market for the people who use it in less quantity. It is considered as the refreshment that is of best quality.

Harney & Sons

This is an American company which was started in 1983.Their product is of very good quality and also offers loose and herbal one as well. Their product bags are also of very good quality and expensive as well. This brand distributes their products to all leading hotesl,shops, etc.